Top 10 Best Selling Bike in India | Best Bikes in India - 2021

India’s two-wheeler sector is, perhaps, one of the only areas that have accounted for growth despite the country’s general economic slowdown over the past two years. Since 2016, motorcycle sales in the country have skyrocketed with over 22.4 million units sold in 2018.

1. Hero Splendor

Economical and extremely reliable, Hero Splendor has been topping charts of most sold bikes in India for the better part of 2019.

Owing to its popularity in semi-urban and rural areas, the Splendor model has been around in the Indian market for a little over 2.5 decades, since 1994. Currently, the Splendor is available to Indian consumers in five models

In 2014, the Splendor iSmart was announced the winner in ZigWheels Awards’ entry-level segment. (1)

Mileage: The mileage for its different models vary between 75kmpl and 81kmpl
Engine Displacement: Varies between 97.2cc and 124.7cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Ranges between Rs.52,500 and Rs.68,400
Number of Units Sold: 222,578

2. Hero HF Deluxe

Another commuter bike taking a top spot in the list of most selling bikes in India, the Hero HF Deluxe is available in 5 variants. Equipped with a powerful engine generating 7.8bhp power and 8.05Nm torque, this bike has a 4-speed manual gearbox.

It is also noteworthy that the Hero HF Deluxe model produced in 2020 is the first entry-level motorbike to be upgraded with BS-VI emission standards.

Mileage: 83kmpl
Engine Displacement: 97cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Ranges between Rs.38,900 and Rs.58.650 for different variants.
Number of Units Sold: 191,875

3. Bajaj Pulsar

Taking the third spot in the top 10 selling bikes in India is the Bajaj Pulsar, with 7 different models currently available in the market.

In this series, the cheapest model is equipped with an engine producing 11.8bhp power and 11Nm torque; whereas, the most expensive model has an engine generating 24.5bhp power and a torque of 18.6Nm.

Over the years, Pulsar has collected several accolades, including “Bike of the Year Award” by Shapoorji Palonji in 2013. (2)

Mileage: 35kmpl to 55kmpl as per different variants
Engine Displacement: 124.4cc to 220cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Between Rs.67,386 and Rs.1.18 Lakhs
Number of Units Sold: 68,354

4. Honda CB Shine

Another commuter bike making the list of top 10 selling bikes in India, this vehicle was built to cater to the country’s mass-market sector. Available in 2 variants, the CB Shine’s engine produces a power of 10.5bhp and 11Nm torque.

Equipped with other attractive features like 18-inch wheels, a suspension with preload adjustment, and Combined Braking System, this bike is available in six colour options.

It is also noteworthy that CB Shine became the first 125cc motorcycle to cross a total of 1 lakh sales in a month. (3)

Mileage: 55kmpl to 65kmpl
Engine Displacement: 124cc to 124.7cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Varies between Rs.57,094 and Rs.77,004
Number of Units Sold: 66,832

5. TVS XL 100

One of the best off-road commuter bikes in India, the TVS XL 100 is one of the most commonly used mopeds in the country’s rural areas. Especially well known for its durability and low maintenance requirements, this moped sports an engine generating 4.3bhp and 6.5Nm torque.

Easily one of the best carrier bikes available in the market, it is built to carry up to 130kg payload. The latest models available in the market have also been made BS-VI standard compliant.

Mileage: 60kmpl
Engine Displacement: 99.7cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Rs.31,240 to Rs.36,673
Number of Units Sold: 52,525

6. Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj CT 100 carries the reputation of being the most affordable commuter bike in India and consequently earns a spot in the most selling bikes in India list. This bike, with its single-cylinder, the fuel-injected engine generates 7.7bhp power and 8.34Nm torque. The engine has been built specifically to extract maximum efficiency.

Bajaj CT 100, in 2020, earned the accolade of being Droom Jury’s Choice Pre-Owned Commuter Bike of the Year Award. (4)

Mileage: 90kmpl
Engine Displacement: 102cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Starts from Rs.33,402
Number of Units Sold: 42,497

7. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Even though it is priced higher than the other bikes on the list, the RE Classic 350 still manages to be on the list of best-selling bikes in India. This cruiser bike has 5 variant models available in the market, each with their own specs.

The RE Classic 350’s least expensive variant sports a single-cylinder engine capable of generating 19.1bhp power and 28Nm torque. Further, with comfortable seating and riding experience, it is the perfect option for a touring bike.

Mileage: 35kmpl to 37kmpl
Engine Displacement: 346cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Ranges between Rs.1.55 lakh and Rs.1.83 lakh
Number of Units Sold: 40,834

8. Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour is a perfect fusion of the brand’s reliability and style. The first bike model to be launched with fuel injection in India, it is available in 3 models in the market, namely – Glamour, Glamour i3s and Glamour FI.

Each of these models comes with their own set of features and specs. For instance, the Glamour i3s engine generates 11.5bhp power while Glamour engine generates 9bhp power.

Mileage: 55kmpl to 65kmpl
Engine Displacement: 124.7cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Ranges between Rs.60,500 and Rs.69,650
Number of Units Sold: 40,318

9. Bajaj Platina

Launched in 2006, the Platina is one of the most popular commuter bikes in India. Even though it witnessed a dip in its sales from last year, the Platina still managed to hold a position in the list of top-selling bikes in India.

Featuring a powerful engine producing 8.5bhp power and 9.81Nm torque, this bike is excellent for day-to-day commutes.

In 2007, it won the NDTV’s Profit Bike India (100cc) - Bike of the Year Award. (5)

Mileage: 74kmpl to 100kmpl
Engine Displacement: 102cc to 115cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Ranges between Rs.39,987 and Rs.60,544
Number of Units Sold: 38,054

10. Hero Passion Pro

Occupying the 10th spot in the list of most sold bikes in India, this commuter bike is available in 3 variants in India. The Passion Pro is a commuter bike with an engine power of 8.2bhp and 8.05Nm torque.

In 2018, Hero launched the Passion Pro with updated decals and paint schemes, earning rave reviews from bike lovers.

Mileage: 60kmpl
Engine Displacement: 97.2cc
Ex-showroom Price in Delhi: Between Rs.56,600 and Rs.58,700
Number of Units Sold: Sales unknown in January 2020, 26,960 units sold in December 2019.

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