Best Mileage Bikes in India | Motor Capacity, Price List

Top 10 Best Mileage Bikes in India in 2022

Fuel costs are rising, and bike purchasers actually lean toward suburbanites to their every day rides. Reports recommend that the 110cc portion is the absolute most income creating fragment. Mileage what is truly significant for us Indians. Because of rising fuel costs, better mileage bicycles are particularly popular. Indeed, there are a ton of bicycles with mileage figures of in excess of 70 km/l.

The section of suburbanites is more centered around mileage as the interest for this portion is most elevated in India. It generally incorporates 100-125cc bicycles.

The costs of these bicycles are likewise underneath Rs 70,000 (ex-display area costs). So look at this rundown of the best mileage bicycles in India for 2021 to pick one of your own.

1. TVS Sport (Mileage: 95kmpl)
If you are looking to reduce your pocket pinch for every day drive on a bicycle, TVS Sport should be your first pick. Very trustworthy and dependable, this bicycle entered the Asia Book of Records in 2019 for being the most eco-friendly bicycle on the Golden Quadrilateral. 

TVS Sport

Aside from its mileage, other imperative highlights of this vehicle incorporate a solitary chamber, air-cooled motor that is equipped for conveying a pinnacle force of 7.4bhp and force of 7.3Nm.

Motor Capacity: 100cc

Value: Rs.39, 900

2. Bajaj Platina 100 (Mileage: 90kmpl)
Accessible in two essential shading choices, dark and red, the Platina 100 from Bajaj is another amazingly eco-friendly bicycle. It furnishes an open to riding choice with best in class suspension. Moreover, this bicycle is fitted with a 4-speed manual gearbox.
Bajaj Platina 100
With regards to motor specs, this bike is equipped for producing mind blowing force of 7.9bhp. Notwithstanding, the shortfall of a front circle brake can be considered a downside for this bicycle.

Motor Capacity: 102cc

Value: Rs.40, 897

3. Bajaj CT 100 (Mileage: 89kmpl)
One of the top mileage bicycles in India, the CT 100 additionally offers an agreeable ride. This bicycle flaunts a solid air-cooled, single-chamber motor. Its greatest power yield is 8.1bhp, while top force for it rests at 8.05Nm. Clients intrigued by the bicycle can look over four shading variations, specifically blue, red, red with beat up with dark.

Bajaj CT 100

This bicycle won the Jury's Choice Pre-Owned Commuter Bike of the Year at the Droom Awards in 2020. 

Motor Capacity: 99.28cc

Value: Rs.33, 402

4. TVS Star City Plus (Mileage: 86kmpl)
When searching for the most eco-friendly bicycle in India, it is simply normal to think about this contribution from TVS. The Star City Plus is a well known worker bicycle that offers great mileage. In any case, it intrigues in different divisions too.

TVS Star City Plus
For example, the long open to seating, enormously strong motor execution (with top force of 8.30bhp), and so forth are a portion of the highlights that attract clients to this vehicle.

Motor Capacity: 109.7cc

Value: Rs.53, 047

5. Honda Dream Yuga (Mileage: 84kmpl)
Honda's bicycles can never be excessively far behind with regards to mileage. The organization's fantasy Yuga, for example, is adept for most Indian streets, conveying unbelievable mileage. It also sports a 4-speed transmission framework, alongside a solitary chamber motor.

Honda Dream Yuga
One more feature for this model is the HET innovation, which further develops mileage yield. In 2013, this bicycle was granted the India Design Mark by the Indian Design Council. (3)

Motor Capacity: 109.19cc

Value: Rs.55, 233

6. Yamaha Saluto RX (Mileage: 82kmpl)
Next in this rundown of the best mileage bicycles in India 2020, is the Saluto RX from Japanese car maker Yamaha.
Yamaha Saluto RX

Aside from its amazing eco-friendliness, the bicycle likewise dazzles with its get and speed increase. Its motor can create a force of around 8.50Nm at 4500rpm. As of now, this vehicle is accessible in six essential tones.

Motor Capacity: 110cc

Value: Rs.60, 880

7. Legend Splendor Plus (Mileage: 81kmpl)
Legend Moto Corp's in-your-face worker bicycle, the Splendor Plus is one more illustration of bicycles with great mileage details. This and numerous different elements of this vehicle have made it the top vehicle in this financial plan portion. Clients are allowed to pick compound haggles start highlights for this passenger vehicle. As of now, Hero offers this bike in seven appealing shades.

Legend Splendor Plus

Motor Capacity: 97.2cc

Value: Rs.53, 790

8. TVS Radeon (Mileage: 70kmpl)
One more TVS section in this rundown, the Radeon offers fair mileage while additionally being more reasonable than the Star City Plus. With drum slows down, a 4-speed gearbox, tubeless tires and self-start, this bicycle brings a lot of highlights to the table, close by its unrivaled mileage. It looks very engaging, zeroing in on effortlessness yet keeping up with style. Victor of endless honors, this bicycle is accessible to shoppers in four shading variations.

TVS Radeon

Motor Capacity: 109.7cc

Value: Rs.50, 820

9. TVS Victor (Mileage: 70kmpl)
Victor is a 110cc bicycle that sports smooth taking care of and conveys a strong exhibition. Nonetheless, its feature is the top tier mileage and splendid plan. It is equipped for incredible accomplishments, creating a greatest power figure of around 9.6bhp at 7500rpm. A computerized speedometer and agreeable seats are extra elements that you can anticipate from this vehicle.

TVS Victor
Motor Capacity: 109.70cc

Value: Rs.55, 022

10. Bajaj Discover 110 (Mileage: 69kmpl)
The last section in this rundown of the greatest mileage bicycles in India is one more Bajaj model, the Discover 110. Key highlights, aside from the mileage, incorporate i3s innovation for unrivaled riding experience. The power rating for this bicycle remains at 8.6bhp at 7000rpm, while top force is 9.81Nm at 5,000rpm. The six essential shading choices for this vehicle are Gray Metallic, Red Metallic, Black, White, Blue Metallic and Brown Metallic.

Bajaj Discover 110
Motor Capacity: 115.5c

Value: Rs.53, 811

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